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ben and jeff by rosey56

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June 16, 2013
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It was in the Morning, and Jeff had just woken up. He got up and took a shower, stepping over the sleeping smile in the hall way. He took his shower and after Jeff was done he went to go and check his email and tumblr. When he was done checking it he had just thought there was nothing else to do. Nothing on TV, or On the Computer to do. So he decided to Email his dear friend BEN, he knew BEN was the life of the party, and if anyone who was never bored, it was that druggie.
Jeff got back onto his computer and Sent BEN an Email.

"Hey Man, im sort of bored at the moment, if anything its a really boring sunday, hey do you wanna come over and just like
have like a huge party or something? im that bored that i want a part at 1:00 in the afternoon.
- Jeff "
The Email Quoted above. BEN had just woken up too, He still had his Grey shirt on which he considered pajamas. He Got on the computer and immidetly saw Jeffs email. Without thinking much BEN slipped on his normal shirt and sash, along with his turtle neck, and put his hat on and put on his shoes. He went to the fridge and grabbed a case of Beer, and then ran out the door and ran 10 miles all the way to Jeffs house. Ben litterly slammed into the house and he made a hole in The wall from the door being slammed open "Hey man i got ur email!" BEN breathed trying to catch air. BEN Noticed the crack in the wall "oh-sorry dude i can pay for tha-" He said but was intreupted by the other male. "No its okay! nobodys gonn a see it anyways. and hey uh, you know you couldve just gone through your computer to get here right?" He asked. BEN Blinked in relization and face palmed "God damn it.." He said. "But anyways.." He said and put the beer onto the table. Jeff thought BEN mightve Been thursty after the long run, so he gave him a Glass of Water. BEN Slightly glanced at it and turned away and Got a beer instead of the water, because of his fear of water. Jeff had been hit in the face with relization "Oh shit, im sorry i forgot you hated water-" He said as Ben was already Half way done with his beer. "No its fine." He said when done with half of the beer. BEN was already starting to get drunk by the slightest, He Blushed softly when looking at Jeff and Turned away from jeff so he couldnt see his face, He tried to distract himself by texting Ms.P. Jeff tilted his head and looked at BEN From behind. "Hey, is something wrong?" Jeff asked the computer freak. "N-no.. nothings wrong.." BEN said and then went through his PRIVATE folder on his phone. Jeff tried to take a peek at the Private folder but BEN didnt let him. Jeff shrugged and went to go make toast and Jeff didnt notice himself but he actualyl started to sing while waiting "Toasie toast, toast toast toastie toast is crunchy toasty toast toast toast~ " He sang. BEN blushed more because of how Jeff acted Cute when dancing a little, but Jeff stopped after relization hit him. and He nommed on his toast when it was done. BEN soon started to text everyone of the pastamonsters he knew for a party at Jeffs house. Jeff looked over to BEN and blushed a little. Why in the world am i blushing? ive never really felt like this towards ben right now... i dont know why i just think hes so cute.. Jeff thought in his mind. Damn it! stop blushing! Ben thought almost the same time Jeff thought. BEN Noticed jeff was acting strange now when Jeff was trying to hide his Blush. BEN went up to Jeff and blinked "Hey whats wrong jeff?" BEN asked showing concern over his friend. Jeff said nothing to respond. BEN put his hand on jeffs shoulder "Oh come on.. you can tell me, were like best friends man.." He said. Jeff sighed and just was going to admit it. "Well Ben, actually ive.. never thought youve just been ... cute... i dont know why but i think i LIKE you.." Jeff said shy. BEN was now blushing and BEN looked down but Looked up and said "I Like you too jeff..." He said, and Suddenly Ben grabbed onto Jeffs Shoulders and kissed Jeff. Jeff blushed and was surprised, but he let Ben do this and Jeff accepted the kiss, it went on for 10 secounds and then relesed the kiss. "I-i --- " Jeff was intrupted when The Door bell rang. BEN and Jeff both flinched, they completly forgot there were people coming over for a party. BEN Went to the door and told everyone to give them about 2 minutes or so to prepare. BEN Quickly was setting up tables and Jeff helped. and after it was done they Let everyone in and BEN started turning on songs while everyone danced. Ben Dragged Jeff in to dance, and they Danced together laughing and giggling. Soon Jane suggusted for everyone to play truth or dare, so everyone sat down in a circle, and BEN sat on Jeffs lap. The first one dared was Slendy. Jane asked. "So Slendy, truth or dare?" Slenderman thought about it. "Truth." He said. Jane thinked for a moment. "so slendy, have you killed any pastamonsters?" She asked. Everyone almost gasped. Slendy sighed. "Yes.. yes i have..i have killed BEN before.. i thought he was a normal human when he first came to the under realm." BEN Flinched "I-I dont remember that!" He said Jeff tiled his head. "Wait but your not dead.""oh i have more then one life." Ben said. Jeff just shrugged. Jane blinked "OKAY! Now BEN, truth or dare." Jeff already know BEN would pick dare, BEN could basiclly do anything without no trouble. "Dare." BEN said. Jane laughed a little "Okay BEN, trade clothes with Jeff!" She said. BEN's eyes widened and a small blush started coming on "B-BUT hes 4 over my size!" He said. Jeff was Blushing "A-and hes four lower my size.." Jeff said. "Too bad!" Jane said and tugged Jeffs sweat shirt off. Jeff Growled "Okay okay!! stop tocuhing me!" He said. Ben took off his hat,Turtle neck, and his normal white shirt and sash, and all BEN had left was his pants, and his Grey pajama shirt, He took Jeffs sweat shirt and put it on, it was so huge on him. Jeff sighed and put on BEN's White shirt, sash, turtle neck and hat. Jeffs Belly showed a little bit because of the tight shirt. and BEN gave a giggle and poked jeffs Belly. Jeff couldnt take it anymore, he just thought BEN was so cute.. Jeff suddenly Brought Ben up and gave BEN a kiss on the lips for about 10 seconds. Everyone gasped, and Jane brought out her Phone and took a picture and ran out the door. After they were done kissing, Sally said. "Ben! i didnt know you liked Jeff!" She giggled. Ben flinched "i-i" He said and got up and went to Jeffs room and locked it, and Blasted the song of Unhealing throughout the house loudly. Nobody could hear that good, so Jeff had to yell for everyone, that the party was over and they needed to leave. so after they all Left Jeff knocked on the door to his room "BEN! LOOK I-IM SORRY OKAY! UNLOCK THE DOOR! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" He yelled. Ben growled and Turned off the music and unlocked the door, and he had already taken Jeffs hoodie off and put it on his bed. "What do you want..!?" Ben asked angerly. Jeff flinched "Look ben imsorry its just.. i-i.." He said looking at the ground. BEN Sighed. "its okay.." He said Jeff sighed "Im sorry its just for some reason, i really like you! and it just i couldnt hold in my feelings anymore when i heard your really cute giggle.. I HAD to kiss you.." He said blushing. BEN smiled and Hugged jeff "Its okay, i understand. i-i uh.. I love you too jeff." He said. Jeff smiled and hugged BEN back. BEN soon got a text message from jane, BEN Dropped his phone in shock, it was the picture of them kissing with a text "Hope you twats dont mind, ill be posting this on the internet.~Jane" It said. BEN whimpered "J-Jeff... janes going to post that picture on the internet.." He said. Jeff thought for a moment "cant you just go in the interwebs and delete it?" Jeff said. Ben blinked "Oh your right!" Ben said and went into his phone, he came back 5 minutes later "All deleted!" He said. Jeff smiled and laughed "Goodjob buddy." He said. "Ill get revenge on Jane for you, ill make smile eat a burrito and ill smear her face in dog poop." Jeff said laughing. BEN Started to laugh to. "your sick!" He said laughing Jeff laughed and started to tickle BEN while they were both sittin gont he bed. BEN laughed "S-Stop it!!" He said laughing. Jeff let out a chuckle and tickled Ben more. When he was Done tickling BEN, Jeff was nearly on top of him. Both Boys blushed. Ben put his hand to Jeffs and whispered in the Killers ear "I Love you.." He said, and Jeff blushed even more. Jeff smiled "I love you too Ben..". BEN went up to Jeffs face and Kissed him, it went on for about a minute until he released the Kiss. Jeff's face was Flushed Red and he was speechless really, But BEN wasnt through, BEN wanted more then Just a kiss. "Is my turtle neck getting uncomfortable on you?" He asked, and Ben slid his hands from under Jeffs Shirt, "i-i guess" Jeff anwsered. Ben Soon took off the Shirt, reveling Jeffs bare chest. Ben Blushed and leaned on closer to Jeff. Soon, they both Started to having one Heck of a night, quite the party for both of them.

The Next Morning Jeff was Hugging Ben in his sleep and BEN was snuggling Jeff in his. Ben whimpered and was suddenly having a bad dream, and accidently kicked Jeff almost off the Bed. Jeff woke up and flinched, and BEN woke up and caught Jeff before Jeff could fall off the bed. "S-sorry jeff, i was having a bad dream.. it was about drowning again.." He said. Jeff frowned and Hugged BEN. "Dont worry your not going to drown again.." He said comforting the druggie. Ben tightened the hug and suddenly slipped his hand down jeffs back, Jeff blushed more, he never knew how much energy Ben could possibly have. Ben slipped a hand through Jeff Belt buckle loop but Jeff grabbed BEN's arm. Jeff flinched "woah ben, you just woke up, you seriously still have energy." Jeff asked. Ben smirked "Heh, i guess im full of energy, are you?" BEN asked Jeff and Ben tugged on jeffs Belt loop."Gee i dunno. do you think i do?" Jeff said Smirking. BEN giggled. "Heh, lets see~" He said and tugged on Jeffs Jeans down trying to pull them down, Jeff smirked "Need help?" "No im fine.." BEN said and pulled down Jeffs pants with just jeff having his boxers on now, Ben pulled down his pants. Jeff blushed and there was a bulge inside Jeffs boxers, Jeff blushed "s-sorry, im sort of turned on right now.." He said. "Hehe, its okay, im turned on too." BEN said taking a peek in Jeffs Boxers, Soon Ben slid his hand in Jeffs boxers and 'played' with him down there while his other hand was on jeffs chest. Jeff huffed out hot air and asked ben a question "B-Ben.. d-do you want me" He asked blushing. BEN blinked "u-uhm go ahead.." He said; BEN was breathing heavily and groaned with each thrust he did to jeff. But Jeff was even More surprised when Ben lowered down and did SOMETHING to him. And through out till 4:00 they stopped, with there 'fun' time. Jeff stretched and yawned. "dang its still day time. time goes by fast." He said stretching. "Heh, Yeah." BEN Said putting his hat on, he didnt feel like wearing his turtle neck today. Smile walked in the door and barked, And Jeff soon knew smile had to go to the bathroom or was hungry, so Jeff left the bedroom and let Smile outside and poured dog food in his bowl before smile returned. Ben came to the table and sat down and giggled when he saw 69 text messages from Ms.P. Jeff was making toast again. "Do you want some brunch?" Jeff asked BEN. "What do you have?" BEN asked twitching his elf ears. "Im not really a cook so.. toast and cereal." Jeff shrugged. BEN sighed and brought up a picture of pancakes and pulled them out of the laptop like actual pancakes and gave jeff some. Jeff was astonished. "Y-you can do that?" "Yeah. i can." Ben said. Jeff started to nom the pancakes acting like a monster when eating them just to act silly. Ben giggled "you must be hungry." He said. Jeff mumbled with food in his mouth "nah i just like to act like a monster for fun when eating fewds." Jeff said. BEN blinked and Blushed looking at the maple syrup on the pancakes, to Ben this reminded him of cum. Jeff blinked "Why are you blushing?" he asked. BEN shook his head to snap out of it " thought.." He said, He couldnt say it! "Never mind." Jeff asked and just shrugged. But BEN snapped and said it so quiet jeff couldnt hear. "Ithoughtthesyrupwascum!" He said quietly Jeff looked up, "What-" He was intrupted "I THOUGHT THE SYRUP WAS CUM!" He Yelled so loud that even people from the Pit could hear. Jeff blinked "oohhhhhkaaayy..." He said. BEN sighed "ive lost my appatite..." He said. Jeff looked at the smaller boy. "Hey, why dont you get some rest or something, maybe that'll help you." He suggusted, and Ben agreed and went to go take a nap on the couch. Jeff shrugged and started to play pokemon on his 3DS, "Soooo bored.." He chimed, and Ben twitched his ear when he heard Jeff. Jeff chuckled, he thought it was cute when Ben would twitch his ears, he poked his ears and Ben slapped the murders hands away. "Ugghh.." Jeff grunted and sunk to the floor bored and he fell asleep. Ben heard that and woke up and crawled off the couch and sat on Jeffs lap and hugged him, and fell back asleep, Jeff woke up again naturally and smiled when he saw ben. He hugged Ben back and kissed him on the Head "I Love Ben. " He said and Jeff fell back to sleep.
This was an RP I did with :icon123girlkirby: :D
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